Lemon Laws Explained

Lemon laws are regulations that were set in an attempt to protect consumers when they buy a product or service that does not meet the quality standards or usefulness purported by the manufacturer. The laws apply to any defect that might affect the safety, usage, or value of the product. The manufacturer is expected to replace or repurchase the defective product after a reasonable number of failed attempts to repair it. Many lemon law cases are usually related to cars, but the laws cover other products or services as well.

Time Limits for Filing a Case

The lemon laws do have a few variations in the different states. You should thus check on the ones that apply in your state before filing a related case. There is also a limited time from when you purchase the product, within which you can file a claim based on the lemon laws. The amount of time is usually counted from the day the product is delivered, in case the delivery was made on a different date from purchase. After filing a lemon case, however, the case can run past the time limitation.

Not All Bad Cars Are Considered Lemons

For your car to be considered a lemon, it needs to have a severe defect that affects its safety or ability to operate effectively. There are also cases where you are required to attempt making repairs by yourself. It is only after the problem becomes persistent that the car will be considered a lemon. The amount and number of repairs needed to classify a vehicle as lemon are also subjective, but it has to be a lot more than the repairs a standard car would undergo. An experienced lawyer can help you to determine if your vehicle is a lemon.new black car

You Can Get a Replacement or Refund

If the purchase you made is a lemon, you should start by attempting to get the car repaired by the seller. If they fail to pay for the repairs or they are unable to fix the problem, you will possibly be entitled to compensation. That may come in the form of a replacement or refund.

The compensation you receive may be a little lower than the price at which you purchased the vehicle. That is because depreciation has to be factored in. You should thus consider making your lemon claims as early as possible to get the maximum compensation. Consulting an experienced lawyer early enough is also a good idea.